Top Paying Jobs For Women
Top Paying Jobs For Women

Women are using their skills and abilities in many industries to maximize their career and annual pay. They have to. The female presence in the workforce has grown to 47 percent, according to the Department of Labor Women’s Bureau. In fact, the Bureau also reports that young women are more likely than men to have a college degree. Unfortunately, gains in workforce participation and education have not translated into equal wages. Women still earn 75 percent of what their male counterparts earned in 2009, according to the report. Still, women can expect to earn great salaries and compete just as successfully with men in the following careers.

1. Anesthesiologists This is one of the top paying careers for women. Anesthesiologists spend a lot of time and money on getting educated, however. The field requires a four year Bachelor’s degree with required pre-med courses, medical school, residency, and medical or surgical internship, as well as formal anesthesiology training.

2. CEOs Women Chief Executive Officers are beginning to earn just as much, and in some cases more than men. The face of a corporation, the CEO is usually involved in all facets of the business - from operations, finance, sales and marketing to HR. As one of the key stakeholders in the business, they usually report to Board of Directors and the financial community, if a public business.

3. Lawyers This accounts for another high salary in the top paying jobs for women. Along with undergraduate and law school requirements, candidates in this field must also pass the rigorous Bar Exam.

4. Pharmacists Pharmacists work closely with doctors and patients to safely distribute medications within retail drug stores, research facilities, or health care facilities. They can also oversee general operations within the pharmacy. For this field, along with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from a college or pharmacy, pharmacists must also obtain a license and will need to pass several specialized examinations.

5. Management Analysts For those looking to enter, an aptitude for business and finance is necessary as this job requires constant analysis of a business’s structure and suggesting methods of improvement. Analysts can be involved in many areas including business planning, operations, business process or IT. A four-year business degree, or usually higher is required.

6. Computer and Information Managers Women in these careers can expect to be involved in managing, planning, coordinating and directing research with the goal of designing computer-related activities for an organization. With the information technology field expanding, women can continue to expect to enjoy top executive positions and pay in this field.

7. Computer Software Engineers Computer software engineers study the needs of computer users and design computer software to meet those needs. Many jobs require the completion of a Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science, software engineering, or computer information systems.

8. Speech Pathologists These professionals assess, diagnose, treat and assist people who have problems with speech, language, cognitive communication, voice and articulation. Degrees can be obtained at the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree level, specifically for those who wish to pursue a career as a Speech Therapist.

9. Human Resources Managers HR Managers serve as the liaison between the administration and staff within an organization. They recruit, train and educate potential or present employees, as well as enforce corporate regulations and initiatives. While you do not need a degree to work in the HR field, a lack of degree will limit your career potential. If you want to become a top manager, you will most likely be required to complete a four year undergraduate program.